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Witchapalooza Oct 2009, Cal Expo
Michael Jackson: You are Not Alone
Haunted Farm in Capay, CA
Shot for Animal Planet
Mark S. Allen of Good Day Sacramento
Calls us to the Studio for an investigation
Natalie Bomke of Fox 40 News calls HPI for a
haunted segment during Halloween 2008!
Paul's Lair
Shannon McCabe.com
Ms Macabre's Alchemy
Macabre Hearse Tours
Shannon & Paul speak at the Sacramento Public
Library to the largest crowd they've ever seen!
Enjoy a video we resurrected from Nov 2009.  This video was taken at Paul's
home after he received a haunted artifact and activity began to stir up.   
When we first put out the video we didn't even notice the door open!  Thank
you to Mark Lucas for pointing that out!
Sacramento Haunts with Shannon & Paul featuring
TV Psychic, Bobby Marchesso
Watch this News 10 Video with investigators, Paul
Dale Roberts and psychic, Chantal Apodaca
aired 8/16/10- NOTE: Paul is not a psychic but a
fortean investigator
Follow Paul and Shannon as they go with
Jaime Garza, Anchor for Fox News, to the
haunted home of Heather Kern...
UFO's in Georgetown?!  Join Paul & the HPI team
as they discover alien life in the Gold Country with
News 10
Join Shannon & Paul as the investigate
the USS Hornet with EGPI